Unit Five Activities

The Mexican-American War
Use these document excerpts to complete the chart on the arguments for and against American expansion to the Pacific, even at the expense of war with Mexico, in the 1840s. On the lines provided below the chart, summarize your opinion: Was war with Mexico in the national interest?

Mexican-American War Bumper Sticker
Create a bumper sticker illustrating EITHER the US or Mexican perspective on the Mexican-American War.

The bumper sticker should be neat, colorful, and presentable. Write your name, class period, and a written explanation on the back. It must be obvious through your use of text, pictures, symbols, etc. whose point of view that you are presenting. The underlying message of the bumper sticker must also be obvious; that is, the message can be understood without reading the written explanation on the back.

Use the documents available here to complete this graphic organizer.

Wedges of Separation: Cause and Effect Review Activity
Download the activity here. Cut and paste into your spiral.

Wedges 6 - 11 Lecture Notes
Download the lecture here. Take notes over the slides in your spiral. Use the notes to check your Wedges Graphic Organizer.

Wedges of Separation Chart
Nobody disagrees about the sequence of major events from 1850 to 1861 that led ultimately to the outbreak of the Civil War. What is more interesting is the WHY the war broke out when it did. The events are called the wedges of separation. It is your task to decide the relative importance of each wedge and the role it played in causing the Civil War. Using your textbook and notes, complete this chart.