Unit Seven Activities

Big Business Reading
Read and take notes over the essay “Entrepreneurs and Bankers: The Evolution of Corporate Empires.” Be prepared to discuss next class.

Captains of Industry or Robber Barons?
Download the worksheet here.

Gilded Age Politics
Using the readings available here, complete this graphic organizer.

Industrialists DBE Practice
Using the DBE guidelines discussed in class, complete the DBE Planning Worksheet using this document packet. Using the completed planning worksheet, write the essay. The essay must incorporate all or all but one of the documents and it MUST be typed.

Populism: Agrarian Discontent During the Gilded Age
Summarize the farmers’ grievances during the Gilded Age on this graphic organizer as expressed in these documents.

Workers Strike Back: Early Labor Unions
Using the reading available here, complete this graphic organizer.