Unit Eight Activities

America Imperialism Reading and Notes
Access the reading here. Take notes over the reading in your spiral.

Imperialism Bumper Sticker
Create a bumper sticker illustrating the Latin American perspective on American imperialism in Latin America.

The bumper sticker should be neat, colorful, and presentable. Write your name, class period, and a written explanation on the back. It must be obvious through your use of text, pictures, symbols, etc. that you are presenting the Latin American point of view. The underlying message of the bumper sticker must also be obvious; that is, the message can be understood without reading the written explanation on the back.

Mexican Revolution Reading
Access the reading here. Answer the following questions in complete sentences in your spiral.
1. To what extent did economics play a role in the popular uprising in the Mexican Revolution?
2. Who were the major figures of the Revolution?
3. Why did the popular peasant leaders Villa and Zapata ultimately break with Carranza
4. What role did the United States play in the Revolution?
5. Some argue the end of the Revolution came in 1920 with the death of Carranza and the ascension of Obregon. Others, however, argue that the true end of the revolution did not occur until 1940. Why? With whom do you agree and why?
6. What adjectives would you use to describe the Revolution? Why?
7. In what way(s) was (were) the 1910 Mexican Revolution and the Mexican War for Independence in the 1800s similar?
8. Were there any similarities between Mexico of the early 1900s and the United States of the late 1800s?

Mexican Revolutionary Leaders Activity
Using the biographies available here, complete this graphic organizer.

The Philippines Question
Access the documents here. Using the documents complete this graphic organizer.


Progressivism: Thesis Writing Practice
On one side of the index card, write a thesis statement (following the proper formula) in response to the following prompt: Evaluate the extent to which the progressive movement (1900-1920) led to change in American society.

On the back of the index card, list 5 proper nouns (that ARE NOT used in the prompt) that could be used in the body of the essay to prove the thesis statement.

Spanish-American War Reading
Access the reading here. Using the Supplemental Reading Instructions, answer the following questions in complete sentences in your spiral:

  1. Why were many Cubans unhappy with Spanish rule?
  2. What impact did the 1894 Wilson-Gorman Tariff have in Cuba?
  3. What role did yellow journalism play in the outbreak of the Spanish-American War?
  4. As early as 1894 what groups of people or regions of the country were in favor of going to war? Why?
  5. What is jingoism and what role did it play in the outbreak of the Spanish-American War?
  6. According to Leuchtenberg what incident made the war virtually inevitable? Why?
  7. Why does Leuchtenberg characterize the Spanish-American War as the “needless war with Spain?”
  8. Do you agree with him? Why or why not?

Washington versus DuBois
Download the documents here. Answer the following questions in complete sentences in your spiral.
  1. How did Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois differ in their methods of achieving equality for African Americans?
  2. Why were the policies of Washington more acceptable to southerners than those of DuBois?
  3. What difficulties would DuBois have faced implementing his program in the South?
  4. To what extent were the methods of Washington and DuBois appropriate for the time in which they lived?