Unit Nine Activities

Difficulty of American Neutrality
Download the documents here. Using the document packet, complete this chart.

Legacy of WWI & the Politics of the 1920s
Read and take notes over these PowerPoint slides.

Who’s to Blame
Download the activity here. Answer the questions in complete sentences.

Wilson and the League of Nations
Click here to access the reading. Using the Supplemental Reading Instructions, answer the following questions in complete sentences:

  1. Why was Wilson’s Fourteen Points so popular abroad?
  2. According to Bailey, what were Wilson’s costly mistakes leading up to the Paris Peace Conference?
  3. For Wilson what was the most important provision of his Fourteen Points that had to be included in the peace treaty? What impact did this fact have on the inclusion of the other elements of the Fourteen Points?
  4. What role did Wilson’s personal dislike for Henry Cabot Lodge play in the Senate’s failure to ratify the treaty?
  5. In your opinion, what was most responsible for the Senate’s failure to ratify the treaty: Wilson, Lodge, the Irreconciliables, the American public, or the Constitution? Why?