Unit Ten Activities

Annotated Timeline
An annotated timeline displays the chronological order of a series of events along with a brief summary detailing the significance of each event. Annotations should be relatively brief. Using pages 766-772 and the Internet, create an annotated timeline of the following events. Using your annotated timeline as reference, summarize the shift in US policy in response to foreign aggression of the 1930s.

  • Neutrality Act of 1935
  • Neutrality Act of 1936
  • Neutrality Act of 1937
  • Cash and Carry
  • Destroyers for Bases Deal
  • Selective Service Act of 1940
  • “Arsenal of Democracy” Speech
  • “Four Freedoms” Speech
  • Lend Lease Act
  • Atlantic Conference
  • The Greer Incident

Criticisms of the New Deal
Use these documents to complete this chart. Attach the chart on an even numbered page in your spiral next to your notes over the New Deal.

New Deal Chart
Using your textbook and the Internet, complete this chart by identifying the major purpose of the New Deal agencies created by Congress.

Pearl Harbor & the War in Europe
Read and take notes over these PowerPoint slides.

War in the Pacific Lecture
Take notes over this reading in your spiral.

WWII & the Home Front
Take notes over this reading in your spiral.

WWII Postcard
After reading pages 766-772 in your textbook, you are to create a postcard as if you were living in September 1941. The purpose is to communicate your concerns about what the role of the US should be concerning WWII and why. Your postcard MUST include:

  1. A picture to illustrate your position and why
  2. A message to FDR in letter style (Dear Mr. President, XXXX. Sincerely, X)
  3. Address to FDR (President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. 20500)