Unit Two Activities

Acts of Parliament Chart
Using your textbook and the Internet, complete this graphic organizer.

Constitution Worksheet

Access the worksheet here. Read the background material in Part A. Consult the Constitution in the Appendix of your textbook to answer questions in Part B in order to familiarize yourself with the organization and content of the Constitution.

Declaration of Independence
Create your own Declaration of Independence. It can be independence from you parents, from school, from work, etc. Model the format of your declaration after the US Declaration. First, establish the contractual relationship. What promises are being exchanged? Then explain what happens when a provision of the contract is violated. Secondly, explain why you want to be independent by listing your grievances (these complaints should provide evidence that the thing you are declaring your independence from has harmed you). Finally, conclude with an official statement of independence. Sign and date your document. Proofread for grammar and spelling.

Independence Journal Entry
Imagine that you have a 12:00 am curfew. One night you come home ten minutes late but your parents ignore this transgression. The next night you come home 30 minutes late but again your parents ignore your transgression. The next night you home 31 minutes late. This time your parents ground you for a month. Using today’s date, write a brief journal entry (in your spiral) regarding your feelings towards your parents’ reactions and punishment.

Fix Chart

Download the graphic organizer here. Complete the graphic organizer using your notes and a copy of the Constitution.

Thesis Writing Practice: Articles of Confederation
Write a thesis statement (following the proper formula) in response to the following prompt: Evaluate to what extent the Articles of Confederation successfully addressed colonial grievances against British authority that led to the American Revolution. List 5 proper nouns (that ARE NOT used in the prompt that could be used in the body of the essay to prove the thesis statement.