Unit Three Activities

Causes of the Latin American Wars for Independence Short Answer Questions
Download the document excerpts here. Answer the following questions in complete sentences in your spiral.

  1. How are documents A and B similar in their interpretation of the causes of the Latin American wars for independence?
  2. How are documents A and B different in their interpretation of the causes of the Latin American wars for independence?
  3. Although both documents reference Spanish rule in the Americas, can either or both interpretations explain Brazil’s revolt against Portugal? Why or why not?
  4. In reference to either document A or B, what is the document’s value and limitations as historical evidence?

Early Republic Political Cartoon
Using the Interpreting Political Cartoons handout provided in class, create a political cartoon addressing ONE of the following:
  1. Washington’s Presidency
  2. Adams’ Presidency
  3. The Louisiana Purchase
  4. Marbury v. Madison
  5. The War of 1812
The cartoon should do more than describe - it should present an opinion. The cartoon can present a positive or negative point of view.

The cartoon should be neat, colorful, and presentable. Put your name, class period, and a brief explanation of the cartoon on the back.

The cartoon will count as a classwork grade.

Era of Good Feelings? One Pager
Using your notes from class and the Sage American History site, create this one pager in your notes.

Latin America Wars for Independence Reading
Access the reading here. Take notes over the reading in your spiral on an odd numbered page. Be prepared to discuss the reading in class.

Louisiana Purchase Activity
Download the materials here. Summarize the main idea of the quote in the appropriate column on the graphic organizer. (Note: Some squares will be left blank. The quote will either support the acquisition of the Louisiana territory or will be against.)

Washington’s Farewell Address
Read Washington’s Farewell Address by clicking here. Using the Supplemental Reading Instructions, answer the following questions in complete sentences in your spiral:
  1. What were Washington’s beliefs about political parties?
  2. What warning about foreign nations does Washington give in his farewell address?
  3. Why did Washington argue that remaining aloof was to the advantage of America?
  4. Did Washington reject all alliances in all circumstances? Why or why not?
  5. What impact, do you believe, Washington’s presidency had on the formation of his opinions of parties and foreign alliances?
  6. Considering the role of political parties today, were Washington’s concerns valid? Why or why not?
  7. Are the concerns that Washington had about the nation’s foreign affairs still applicable today? Why or why not?
  8. What was the significance of Washington’s Farewell Address?